Windows update down again?

Hi all,

I was just updating a couple of Windows machines and had been using
Windows Update without any problems until about 5 mins ago (22:10 GMT)
when I've started getting this:

"Thank you for your interest in Windows Update

Windows Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you get the
most out of your computer.

The latest version of Windows Update is available on computers that are
running Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows
Millennium Edition, Windows 2000 (except Windows 2000 Datacenter Server),
Windows XP, and the Windows Server 2003 family."

URL is which redirects
to Also happens for

This is from multiple machines running Windows 2000 (Pro and Server) and
Windows 2003 server. Anyone else seeing this yet?

Does anyone know of an alternative URL for Windows Update in the meantime?


It's just come back now. Must have been a temporary holding page while
they did some maintenance.

Not exactly. Windows update has been failing lately when the computer trying
to use it is using a web proxy (Squid, etc.). I have tracked this down to said
proxies not being able to proxy objects larger than about 1MB in size: some
down-the-line chained proxies I administer were running "cache_mem 4 MB" -
and that breaks it consistently.

Why this breaks M$ Windows update and seemingly little else is beyond me:
I don't know the exact fail-over mechanics of Squid, but I have downloaded
single files greater than 50MB through proxies with only 8MB cache_mem with
nothing unusual happening.