Will there be mbone ?

> Similarly, by noise I wasn't actually refering to "Managing the distributed
> MBone meeting" sorts of problems but rather the current state of the
> technology. Splotches of missing audio and slow scan (and often missing
> frames) ofvideo make it very difficult for me to consider this current
> incarnation of technology for transparently distributed meetings. I find
> myself just too distracted by these visible shortfalls in the technology.

This isn't a shortfall in the technology, it's a shortfall in YOUR net
connection bandwidth or your service provider's bandwidth. Once the
infrastructure gets updated with enough bandwidth, this kind of problem
should miraculously disappear

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Hum, Thats a DS3 (Sprint) from HWB to an FDDI (NAP) to a DS3 (MCI) to WBN.
Sure sounds like a bandwidth problem...
There are others that will claim that the actual problem is one of resource
reservation and that the existing bandwidth ought to be able to handle the
level of use.