Wikileaks takedown in US

Sadly, no report that I have seen has indicated that any legal process or court order
was in action.

If you violate my AUP, we can take action. That could be sending spam, it could be illegal activity.

Everything I've seen regarding this seems to fall within that discretion. There is also nothing compelling me to take anyones money, so one can also say "No". I had a previous employer that took a "no-pornography hosting" stance. This was before the days of ddos, etc...

Nothing to see here, move along.

- Jared

Nothing to see here

except the chill of repression. thanks for helping the silence.

catch where state dept agent told columbia and georgetown to tell
students not to talk about wikileaks if they ever wanted usg jobs?

randy, ex-amazon user, ex-paypal user

While I can see your PoV, and even agree with it (especially the ridiculously egregious abuses you list below), Jared posted to an _operational_ list.

Operationally, there is nothing to see here. Operationally, a network may do as it pleases with its own resources, including selling them - or not - to a customer. However screwed up the situation is, however much you may agree with the political statements being made, there is no operational significance here.

So could we please bring "operational" back into NANOG?