(wikileaks) [funsec] And Google becomes a DNS..

I withhold comment... "discuss amongst yourselves".



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Not sure why the URL didn't go through...



Since it is an uncommon but occasional complaint that someones site is indexed
in Google by IP address not domain name, I assume simply that since wikileaks
were redirecting to URLs with IP addresses in, Google assumed this is what
they wanted indexed.

I share their pain, we had disk and a botnet issue with one of our sites, and
Google's contribution was to drop our ranking (presumably speed penalty
because it was now slower and less reliably than normal).

Frustrating but Google now reflects the reality of the web experience. They
are "lucky" not to have a speed penalty, or perhaps they do but they are
still ranked 1 for the term "wikileaks" even with the relevant penalties.

I dare say in a few iterations Google will spot DDoS attacks, and other forms
of abuse, and bump up your ranking on the basis you are clearly notable
enough to attract that sort of attention.

Google has access to historical DNS, and end users, so they could assist end users in also reaching VHosted web sites that did not have current or reachable DNS, if that is the goal. Something as simple as a browser addon that modified the http host header. There are manual ways of doing this now, using the Modify Headers Add-on for Firefox, for example.