Wifi access problem: control session time and accounting accuracy


  we provide Wifi access to customers.

  The basic system architecture is, customer get IP address using DHCP, but BAS limit customer access to special IP address block before customer log in. Customer log in at portal page, where policy server get username/passwed and authenticate by sending radius packets to AAA server.

  We use Redback NPM with SE800 and Juniper C2k with E1440. We met two problem :

1. Could we control customer session time according to radius authentication echo message ( Session-timeout )?

    it seems redback could not translate Session-timeout to its internal control policy.

2. How could we track customer status ?

    we noticed some people leave hotspot without log out explicitly disconnect. There leave a lot of open session record on radius server, because no Accouting-Off packet received.

    Is there any mechanism we could use to detect cliet status in Wifi environment ? ( e.g. PPPOE keepalive message )

  thanks in advance .

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