Wide BGP Communities update (-04) - input solicited

The authors of the Wide BGP Communities Internet-draft would like to solicit
your feedback on the current version of the draft. The intended purpose of
the feature is to provide for next-generation BGP communities.

Why "next-generation"? A few motivations:
- BGP Path Attribute code space is limited. We want to stop burning new
  code points for such features when the underlying "mark a route" behavior
  is the same.
- Each time we add something with new encoding, we get deployment lag from
  needing new code to handle it.
- While it's done the job for a number of years, existing communities force
  operators to go through a lot of convoluted policy to do anything from
  very common things to subtle things.

The accompanying use case document will be updated soon, but not prior to
the upcoming IETF. Most of our attention the last few weeks has been on
getting the details of the encoding right.

In recognition to a very common use case desired here, note Section 5. A
wide community is being registered with no further semantics than "here's a
list of AS numbers". This permits the desired AS4:AS4 semantic.

-- Jeff

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