Why Vadim likes statics

This sounds a lot like the slippery slope of static routing being the
most stable, so we should encourage its use Internet wide. I -know-
Karl D.
(and others that depend on dynamic routing for alternate provider
fallback) will kick at this.

On the contrary, Bill, being set up to propagate IGP information to your EGP
in situations where not absolutely necessary seems to be a perversion of the
whole intent of EGPs vs. IGPs. Perhaps it's time to rethink for a moment why
the whole Internet isn't just running one big IGRP or OSPF cloud.

After getting burned numerous times by end node nets that polluted
our IGRP cloud, we now connect all new single homed customers via
static routes and filter out everything heard from them. If they
are multihomed here we do IGRP and if they are multihomed across
different ASs we do BGP.

The customers also like it since it increases their bandwidth
on their line rather than hearing routing updates all the time.
For customers on 9.6kb and 19.2kb lines this made a difference.
Remember when you bill on bandwidth used (ifInOctets/ifOutOctets)
you are billing also for routing updates! Your customers will
like you if you reduce their bill.

Robert E. Seastrom -- rs@digex.net

Hank Nussbacher