Why replicate the DNS?

I think Bill's point was that if a distributed database is required to
contain routing policy, why not use existing distributed database
infrastructure to host it (i.e. the DNS). In this context, deployment
of LDAP-accessible databases (which you advocate) is "replicating the
DNS" (which you mention you don't want to do).

No it's not. This LDAP-based solution is leaving the DNS alone rather than
trying to stuff more and more functionality on it. DNS will not be
replicated and will not be replaced. It will, however, be used as an
integral part of locating appropriate LDAP servers to query.

Read this draft for an idea of how this might work. If you haven't time to
read the whole thing then just look at section 7.


And there is an IETF working group called CRISP that is discussing this

-- Michael Dillon