Why not NANOG....


My point is eluding you...

Spam is in the mouth of the taster (to blast the Bard).

We do not need consensus for *me* to view the continued barage
of the NANOG list with this topic as a clear example of spamming.

So we have a bit of a quandry, don't we? Who and how many get to decide
what is Spam and what is Treat? (an alternate brand of similar
"luncheon meat" for the non-US enduring this) Any attempt to
make rules must address this first and foremost. And I humbly
suggest that such an effort will go onto the rocks right there.

As for why not NANOG?

I have no interest in pursuing this but also have on intention of
dropping off NANOG until this dies down. Further, I don't
see a groundswell of support by North American Network Operators
(everything but the Group - and that's the point).

If com-priv wishes to grind the grist of this topic until
the particles are invisible, please, be my guest. Com-priv has
a long history of chewing bones 'til the marrow is long-gone.

Just please take the bread and mayonaise elsewhere.


PS - appologies to NANOG for carboning on this.
It will be my last one on this topic.

Agreed absolutely. Take it to com-priv.