Why doesn't BGP...

* Why doesn't BGP pick the link with the highest bandwidth, or, better
* yet, pick the link with the highest bandwidth AND least congestion to
* label as the "best" available route? The needed information is avail-

The first one is easy, in fact you can do that yourself by fiddling
with metrics or such on the different BGP sessions. The second one
would have dramatic consequences in terms of route instability. You
pick one route now because of load on the link, the load changes and
you pick the other, now BGP will have to change the announcement of
this network to other peers. So, now we not only have flaps because of
links/routers going up and down, we also have flap because of load
changes on the network. The result: you are dampened out forever, or
the network falls over.


On the radio1::

    "101 north is congested, take 280 instead"

Guess what hapens 5 minutes laster;

On the radio2::
    "280 north is congested, take 101 instead"

goto on the radio1