Why doesn't BGP...

From: Vadim Antonov <avg@pluris.com>
Regarding BGP metrics -- there's a problem with a single "universal"
metric in an exterior routing protocol, namely the absense of a single
authority to assign those metrics. Different networks may have very
much confiliciting interests in how to assign BGP metrics.

Wasn't there a draft somewhere along the way on a global guidelines on
how to set the metrics?

Some time ago i wrote a draft (which didn't get any support and quietly
expired) regarding BGP metrics -- the idea was to have a vector of
metrics (one per AS hop) instead of a single scalar metric; and allow
network operators to calculate weighted sums to obtain the locally
significant scalar metrics. I.e. a network operator may decide for
himself how to interpret BGP metrics coming from different AS-es
(or by different paths).

Yeah, I seem to remember liking that. You mean that Tony and Yakov
didn't support it.... :wink:

And some of the other ideas were similar to Nimrod policy selection....

If there's any interest i can dig the draft out and place it on my www


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