Why doesn't BGP...

Well, at a minimum you can do a "bandwidth 44210" (or whatever) as part
of your router configuration to "tell" your router how fast it _can_ go.

How much of this _really_ gets passed on to other nodes via BGP sessions.
If you hear a route from 4 different links, aren't you simply passing on
to your neighbor (filters aside for the moment) that you "know how to
get to that net" regardless of which way you shove the packet at any
particular time? That is, do you really pass on the destination link
info as well as the net info?

What you want is an inter-provider OSPF...
Faster healing.
Link size consideration.
Internal hop-count consideration.
Internal weighting (which BGP has) that would pass between providers.

But yes, you're just saying "I know how to get to X" - or better yet -
"I promise to get to X if you deliver a packet to me destined for X".
The origin info can be interesting but not really used unless there's a
real problem making a decision, in which case it's just there as a
last step against going to pseudo-random numbers.

Ed Morin