Why aren't ISPs providing stratum 1 NTP service?

  GI/MIDnet does this as well, and we've only had 3 takers......

Perhaps it's because you folks aren't listed in the web-based successor
to clock.txt?:

I don't know why they aren't listed, but I'm not listed because DRA
doesn't provide "public" NTP service. We provide NTP services to all
our customers, though. How many of those customers realize they are
getting NTP services is a different question. They tend not to complain
when the clock is correct, only when it is wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is similar to the thinking of other ISP's
which provide NTP services to their customers, and aren't listed as public
NTP servers.

I'd be happy to send a listing into Dave Mills if folks think that is
the right thing to do. Our marketing department loves to get the company
name listed in as many places as possible. Or if the NTP folks aren't
thrilled with the prospect of 7,000 different ISP's wanting to be listed,
perhaps a note a the top of the list directing people to contact their
ISP first.

This is also why we aren't on that list.