Wholesale DSL implementation in Canada

We're looking at implementing a DSL private network in various provinces in Canada. There seems to be two main ways to do this: build the network yourself by creating relationships with the local DSL providers (Bell, Telus, MTS, etc) ; or build the network using a third-party that already has a DSL infrastructure in place. The third-party DSL infrastructure is a sure thing, since they've been doing it for a while. However, we're looking at a large number of locations so the cost of implementing the DSL internally seems to be more compelling.

Not having implemented a DSL infrastructure before, I'm wondering if anyone on NANOG has any advice on this? What technical or political issues might we run into? What is the best choice of hardware? (Juniper or Cisco)? Feel free to contact me off-list if you'd prefer.



You need to be sure that there is DSL coverage everywhere you are looking at. Just as in rural and non metropolitan US there are lots of places in Canada not yet serviced by DSL because they are too far from a POP and/or the infrastructure is not up to snuff.


I'm using a third party for about 15 sites of Private DSL across Canada.

Others may have different issues, but mine so far have been:
- SaskTel apparently doesn't connect with anybody (or so I have been
told) so I'm stuck with VPN.
- My connections in Telus country have only been ADSL PVC (not PPPoE
Private). Apparently, PPPoE private is coming in the new year. I'm
looking forward to this to bring my costs down.

I'm running Cisco 800s of various levels with no real issues.

I like the one neck to choke thing of the third party (but then again
I'm an enterprise guy)

Erik Soosalu

For regulations, start with http://www.crtc.gc.ca/

How you can lease copper loops, how you can colo in CO etc are all laid
out in various tariffs