whois for just prefix list

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> > The RIPE server uses a different syntax. The query language was not
> > part of the RPSL specification and so different servers chose
> > different paths inthis regard.
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> > With the server you want to say
> >
> > whois -h whois.ripe.net -k -iorigin AS3130
> >
> Well ... this only seems to work with clients being aware of the "-k" optio
> whereas the !... approach is transparent for all clients.

The '-k' is actually part of the query string rather than a client
option, if your client doesn't understand the option you can pass it on to
the server using quotes: whois -h whois.ripe.net "-k -iorigin AS3130".

  Yes, but I think Joao meant to the use the -K flag (keywords only),
rather than -k (keep connection open). Further, quoting the query
string unfortunately does not work with every whois client. Notably, the
whois client (jwhois) that comes with RedHat requires the use of a '--' flag
to get it to transparently pass subsequent flags. So the following
is required:

whois -h whois.ripe.net -- -K -iorigin AS3130

  I would also like to add that we are updating the IRRd software to
support a number of the RIPE flags (notably: -K, -iorigin, and -imember-of).
This should help standardize the query syntax between different versions
of IRR software and simplify the development of tools such as peval.

  Finally, as a followup to Joao's comment concerning server internal
macro expansion bugs (the '!i' query command in IRRd). We believe that
all such expansion bugs have been fixed as of the 2.1.5 release of IRRd.