Whoa; the 3 network?

Roy supposedly said:

A few years ago, I was surveyed by the Internic as to utilization of
space that I owned in a former job. I offered to turn back portions of
the space (several class "B" worth). I was never contacted again.

Returning space is easy. If it is "legacy" space just send do the
following: (From RFC 1917)

4.3 How to Return a Block of Address Space to the IANA

   Send the following form to Hostmaster@internic.net & iana@isi.edu,
   changing the $NET_PREFIX to the network being returned.


(yes, the below is a different situation than the original poster)

And what exactly do you do if you have a small block (eg. /22) that you
have zero use for anymore and want to get rid of but it is not allocated
directly from the InterNIC but rather out of another provider's block (a
/16 in this case)?

Nope, can't talk to the InterNIC because they don't want anything to do
with it because it isn't allocated from them.

Nope, can't just give it back to the company (that is supposedly a
backbone provider here in Canada) that now owns the /16 it is taken from
because they ignore all attempts to try.

The solution? Let it sit there doing nothing but hurt you when you try to
get more PI address space in the future.