who offers cheap (personal) 1U colo?

There are other good reasons to colo a server
rather than have it at home:

1) Colo facility easier to get generator and *real* UPS
   lifetime for at affordable rates.

2) Colo facility upstream networking not subject to the whims
   of increasingly incompetent broadband providers.

3) Colo facility can have redundant networking a lot cheaper
   than home users (and simpler... trying to get BGP fed
   up a DSL link of any budget, to have truly redundant
   networking at home, isn't possible that I know of,
   and is increasingly difficult with full budget T-1s
   unless you know someone).

And last but not least:

4) Proper quality servers make more noise than I want in my office
   at home.

I have been paying order of $200/month for reasonably
high end home internet since the days when that was Netcom
and a 14.4k dialup modem and a Class C, though I now get
much more bandwidth. Due to service level declines
I have been looking into redundant connectivity.
But the options suck.

Precisely as Paul points out, me taking my Sun V100 and
sticking it in someone else's rack, were it $50/month,
would be an *excellent* solution for me on all levels.

I do not know that there are several racks full of people
like me, even in the SF Bay area, but I would be willing
to bet that the answer is yes.

-george william herbert

What would be nice is someone who charges you for bandwidth, not for
data transfered.
There's an excellent company in the UK who do exactly this:

for ~UKP65 a month you can get 256kb/s in 2U.

Something needs to be developed along these lines:
  256kb/s sustained = ~80gbyte month transfered.
  The current bandwidth limit should be calculated such that based on
  how much I've used since the start of the month, my bw cap would go up
  or down to keep me on the average to end at 80gbyte.

Example: If I only use 128k/s sustained for 15 days (total 20Gb), for
the last 15 days I should be allowed to use ~384kb/s so that I end
exactly at my allotted 80Gb, no more.

Now *that* would be useful.