Who has implemented source-IP-address filtering?

Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 09:48:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Alexis Rosen <alexis@panix.com>
Subject: Who has implemented source-IP-address filtering?
To: nanog@merit.edu

No doubt this will come up in Ann Arbor, and I'm about to put up a web page
about the SYN attack and the aftermath, so I'd like anyone who is now doing
filtering of customer packets for spoofed IPs to send me a note. If you
have a plan in the works to do so but haven't yet, I'd like to hear about
that too.

So far I know that these companies are filtering:
Net Access

Kansas Research and Education Network (KANREN) is starting.
   However, we have some multihome BGP4 things to do first.

Someone from ANS (not Curtis) told me that he thought ANS was doing it, but
he wasn't sure and would get back to me.

I've heard back from a few more significant players, mostly very encouraging
stuff, but I am respecting people's requests not to announce anything
publically yet.

Send me a note if you're doing filtering. If you've done so sometime in the
last six weeks and I've forgotten you, I apologize, but things here have
been pretty insane...


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