Who has implemented source-IP-address filtering?

No doubt this will come up in Ann Arbor, and I'm about to put up a web page
about the SYN attack and the aftermath, so I'd like anyone who is now doing
filtering of customer packets for spoofed IPs to send me a note. If you
have a plan in the works to do so but haven't yet, I'd like to hear about
that too.

So far I know that these companies are filtering:
Net Access

Someone from ANS (not Curtis) told me that he thought ANS was doing it, but
he wasn't sure and would get back to me.

I've heard back from a few more significant players, mostly very encouraging
stuff, but I am respecting people's requests not to announce anything
publically yet.

Send me a note if you're doing filtering. If you've done so sometime in the
last six weeks and I've forgotten you, I apologize, but things here have
been pretty insane...