who doesn't aggregate?

Below is a list of the top 20 origin ASes in terms of advertising prefixes
smaller than the registry allocations in a particular prefix range. Although
the total number of "extra" routes represented by these top 20 is a small
percentage of the global tables, these are many of the entities that would
have the most routers to upgrade as the number of prefixes grows...one
imagines it would be in their best self-interest to clean up shop and
aggregate better esp since they are also comprise the few that run
default-free...(funny, I don't see 2914 in that list *grin*)

smd, you should hit these guys up first for your prefix-maint fund.

Thanks to pfs@cisco.com for including this in his stats (and if you have
complaints about being publically shamed, blame me for urging him to include
it in his reports).


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