Whirlyball at IETF

Did you know that what U. of Michigan does, Ohio State does one better?
Well, if UM offers you whirlyball at the merit technical seminar, OSU
offers it during IETF :wink:

Wednesday night is the social event night, as you might have noticed by
now, so, if people want to mark preferences, availabilities, times,
suggestions etc., we could have a ball....

If someone wants to start co-ordinating this, I'll get some details on
prices etc. and if we get a firm date, try to get some block bookings
etc. Did I hear somebody say they were volunt....? :slight_smile:


Go bucks, beat michigan (unless it is certain transplanted
pittsburgherites, living out there days in pasture in the california,
whom we shall trash ... :wink: