Which RFC?

        > This is so basic I hardly know where to find it

Firstly thanks to all who replied.

    If the router, in its discretion, chooses to route the packet in the
    wrong direction, that should be easily demonstrated and reasonably
    incontrovertable, no? What's your vendor's argument in favor of
    shipping the packet to a nearby site which isn't associated with your
    destination? I'm kind of curious to hear it...

It's a host with 2 i/fs not a router to start off with, not that that
makes much difference. Their argument is "we wrote the kernel that way
and don't want to change it". My customers argument is "I don't want
to redesign my network so one of you fix your routers / kernel".

    Who's the vendor? Please humiliate them publicly. :slight_smile:

They get 1 more chance 1st :slight_smile:

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks