Which RFC?

On Thu, 02 Jan 1997 15:16:54 +0000
"Alex.Bligh" <amb@xara.net> alleged:

Anyone know *which* RFC says a packets should be routed using the
most specific route in a routing table, not (for instance) the first
route in the table that matches, or, for instance, using a less specific
route that has a better metric? This is so basic I hardly
know where to find it, but I have a (for the time being anonymous)
systems vendor who really prefers the way their kernel does it ....
Oddly enough it doesn't work well with subnetting.

I had a similar problem and this is what I found from 1812 this was just
a brief look...

E.3 Some Route Lookup Algorithms

      This section examines several route lookup algorithms that are in
      use or have been proposed. Each is described by giving the
      sequence of pruning rules it uses. The strengths and weaknesses
      of each algorithm are presented

E.3.1 The Revised Classic Algorithm

      The Revised Classic Algorithm is the form of the traditional
      algorithm that was discussed in Section [E.1]. The steps of this
      algorithm are:

      1. Basic match
      2. Longest match
      3. Best metric
      4. Policy