"Which Internet?"

Whilst investigating why my routing table size suddenly jumped by 5k
routes, I discovered that Advantis (AS 2685 at MAE-E, origin AS 3082)
was leaking all sorts of more-specifics for various networks into the
bgp mesh. Yeah, I know I should be running bogon filters...

Anyway, I called up their NOC to complain, and when I explained the
situation I was asked which Internet I was calling about. Then when I
asked to be transferred to a supervisor, the "support" person became
argumentative and didn't want to transfer me. I had to be rudely
direct and demand to be transferred before I was put on hold for five
minutes and then informed that the supervisor was out to dinner.

Come on Advantis, get it together.


I have just been informed by a couple of people that this condition
has persisted for several months. One of my upstreams must not be
filtering Advantis' crapola.

And so I say once again: Come ON advantis, get it together!


Advantis is the part of IBM that managed ibm's global network,
when you called you probably got through to first line
support, who deal with "the Internet" , IBM's internal Internetwork,
and an Intranet Offering, Internetwork 1.1

For future reference the term "Opennet" is the phrase to use when trying
to explain who you wish to talk to within Advantis/ibm.