Which internal WAN protocol?

I would appreciate it if list members could tell me which WAN routing protocol(s) you use and why? If you have changed from one to another what did you change from to and why did you make the changeover? If you use multiple protocols or same protocol redistribution for specific or other reasons if you could explain why I would appreciate it. On or off list as you prefer.

Thank you.


If you google for "isp essentials" the first hit is a pdf from 2003. It has a lot of best common practice for ISPs and I'd say all of it is still valid.

If it doesn't answer your question, after reading it at least you should be able to ask a question that is easier to answer.

Just a reminder to all: this is no longer a valid citation methodology.

Given the amount to which Google customizes results these days (as Lauren
Weinstein pointed out the other day), you can't assume that anyone will
see the same google results as you, anymore -- at least not if one of you
has a google account (I never have, but between work using Wave, and my
buying a Thunderbolt this week, I'm now held at gunpoint...)

-- jra