Where to send your concerns and how to keep our community welcoming

NANOG strives to create a welcoming environment for all. If you are concerned that someone has violated our usage guidelines or code of conduct, please contact admins@nanog.org. We recently updated our guidance for consistency (there are a few we are still working on). Members of this list know more about what other engineers want to read than our staff, so please support our community approach to moderation by using common sense before posting.

Complaints about previous code of conduct violations were addressed in reports from other community members. Those individuals who sent reports were given confirmation that their concerns were reviewed, and that action was taken per NANOG guidelines (warning, moderation, bans). Similar measures were taken this week.

Airing grievances on the mailing list is not productive. The NANOG staff cannot discuss individual community members on a mailing list with tens of thousands of members. So you will not receive any confirmation for such reports. Also, it’s not appropriate content per the mailing-list usage guidelines:

“The Mailing List is not an appropriate platform to resolve personal issues, engage in disputes, or file complaints.”

Please think before you type and contact us to identify off-topic posts early so warnings can be sent to those who violate NANOG’s policies.

Please contact admins@nanog.org, if you believe that a specific post should be removed from the archives. Offensive, illegal, or copyright content can be removed, but there is a higher bar to clear as we strive to maintain a historical record of our community’s discussions.

Congratulations to RIPE for an impressive online RIPE 80 meeting! NANOG prides itself on welcoming everyone, so it encourages discussions of global issues. Still, I sincerely hope that our open discussion list does not distract from the impressive work of their program committee, staff, and working groups who put on such an incredible event. If you haven’t yet, please take a look at the content from the RIPE meeting and perhaps send your highlights to the nanog mailing list.

Edward McNair
Executive Director