Where to buy Internet IP addresses

> We *want* things like IPv6 stateless autoconfig to work. It's a great
> idea. We *want* a protocol simple enough that we don't have to deal
> with stateful DHCP, we *want* something that is hard to screw up.

You should be aware that this is by no means a universal viewpoint.

Very few viewpoints are universal. I've just waded through a debate on
another mailing list about how broadband providers are going to only want
to allocate you a single IPv6 address... bleah.

IPv6 stateless autoconfig can be screwed up, DHCP can be screwed up.

Everything *can* be screwed up. You know what Scotty says.

For my IPv6 networks I plan to stick with fixed IPv6 address or DHCP.

That's fine, but I don't want to lose the option of stateless autoconfig
just because someone doesn't grasp the size of the address space and the
intent of the designers.

Allocating everyone a /48 does not preclude the use of stateless
autoconfig, DHCP, or manual configuration.

Allocating everyone a /96, on the other hand?

... JG