When an ISP should run their own IRR for customers

I'm querying the community on the feasibility of running my own IRR on behalf of customers whom probably aren't/won't register their own objects. I'm going down this path since I don't believe RADB or ARIN would let me register objects on behalf of my customers.

I know I'm going to need this in the near future once my AS starts to peer. Conservatively I would be proxy registering about 100 customers.

Would a potential upstream/peer NOT want to query my IRR because I'm not RADB, ARIN, etc (Essentially not a well known registry)? If not, is it likely my IRR could get mirrored by RADB so other networks can retrieve good info via RADB.

If I was to run my own IRR is Merit's IRRd they way to go or is there something better?


It doesn't seem like a terribly good reason to want to start a new
IRR. I wouldn't expect RADB to mirror. What brought you to
the actual conclusion you won't be able to register the customer route
objects, after receiving authorization from the customer?

Last I checked, on RADB it's technically possible for any paying
maintainer to register a route object, as long as it's not already
registered under another mnt-by; LEVEL3 and some others have in the
past commonly created proxy-registered routes for customers'
non-existent routes to facilitate the creation of automatic route
filtering policy definitions.

And there are some AS objects that also say they are proxy registered
in the remarks or description sections...

$ whois -h whois.radb.net as32114
aut-num: AS32114
as-name: WalkerMachine
descr: This is a Proxy registered AS for Walker Machine by Lumos Networks.
mnt-by: MAINT-AS7795