What's tool does CW use for performance monitoring?

Hi nanog,

Has anyone seen the C&W SLA/performance monitoring page ?
The N x N latency and PL matrix is very beautiful. I wonder if anyone
know the name of the tool ? Or any tool like it to draw a beautiful table
like C&W.


thanks for your input.

Yu Ning

it appears to suffer from the same visual scalability problem that
affects all 2d matrices... you're lucky I guess that they don't have twice
as many pops :wink:

for what it's worth the nlanr access grid beacon server uses a similar


In either case collecting the data is likely more work than rendering it,
either deploying distributed ping boxes in your pops or getting people to
turn up multicast beacons. it's probably ten minutes worth of C coding
given the raw data to smash it all into a matrix and output the results
with formating (and another 3 hours to debug your while loops so they
don't barf when you add another pop)...


Hi joelja,

Then do you know what code/tools that Beaconserver use to create the ever-updating
html table ?

thanks !

Yu Nin