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“We must always seek to continually learn and better ourselves, and remain humble in the process.”

Cat Gurinsky is hard to miss — even at a crowded NANOG conference. With her vibrant hair, welcoming smile, and a willingness to share her wealth of knowledge, she’s the kind of person you immediately notice, and think, “That’s someone I definitely want to know.”

We recently caught up with Cat — Senior Network Engineer at Apple + Vice Chair of the NANOG Program Committee — about her career path as a woman in tech, and how she’s paying her own positive experiences forward, via mentorship, teaching, and community service.

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Still time to register for today’s webinar!

Students + educators: be sure to join us today (11am PST / 2pm EST) for a panel discussion on career opportunities in network engineering, and virtually connect + engage with members of our community from Akamai Technologies, Amazon, Microsoft, and Netflix.

Registration is free + open to all. We hope to see you there!

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NANOG 80 Spotlight: “Starting a Telephone Company in 2019, or How I Built Fiber to My Neighbors.”

NANOG 80 Virtual may be over, but the hours of archived talks + tutorials, keynotes + panels are just waiting to be explored!

First up on our list of must-watch presentations from the conference? Jared Mauch’s talk, which details his journey from homeowner to a regulated competitive access provider, while working to provide Internet access to his neighbors.

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Bring your research + ideas to life

Given by many of the industry’s top minds, presentations at NANOG are meant to spark the imagination, encourage dialogue, and drive new solutions to our greatest networking challenges.

Interested in sharing your insights at a future NANOG meeting? The NANOG Program Committee accepts proposals on a rolling basis, and would love to see yours!

Key Dates:

  • CFP is OPEN for NANOG 81, 82 and 83
  • NANOG 81 presentation slides due: 12/14/2021
  • NANOG 81 topics list and highlights posted: 1/11/2021

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