What would a Step-by-Step Framework for Planning an IPv6 Deployment Look Like?

Hello all,

One of the questions I often get asked during after teaching/facilitating
and IPv6 session is: "Now I know all these tech bits and how they come
together, but what are the steps for deploying IPv6?"

I've often scratched my head because I thought 'that's obvious', however I
gave have detailed and have decided to provide a framework that anyone
could use and would like to get critiques and suggestions on how to improve
this for folks looking how to kickstart their IPv6 deployment project.


Surprisingly, these are very familiar steps that almost everyone who has
done a project in the past can relate to. The steps are:

   1. Set Clear Goals for the IPv6 Deployment Project.
   2. Identify the List of Tasks Required to Achieve each Goal.
   3. Identify Resources Required to Accomplish each Task.
   4. Get Management Approval/Sign-off for the Project.
   5. Execute the Plan, Documenting Everything as you go.
   6. Update Relevant Organisational Processes to Integrate new
   Capabilities Resulting from the Deployment.

These are quite obvious steps, however what each of them means and the
thought process required to clarify each is what have detailed. I'd like
your comments and also your suggestions on what you can do to move your
IPv6 Deployment project from and "incomplete pile of unclear stuff" to and
organised set of tasks that will surely lead you towards a working IPv6
deployment? Please share.

Regards and have a wonderful week!

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necessary represent the views or positions of any of my professional

Mukom Akong T.

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