What to do?


  Giggle. Move on. They won't be able to talk to most anyone of
  significance, as most folks will filter any such sort thing.

  We will see the use of these reserved networks increase. I've
  succeeded in getting most all of my NAT firewall customers to use
  reserved, and one of our new markets, WAN monitoring, is being
  done by utilizing reserved IP addresses. Routable to our internal
  lan, and by our internal network, but obv. not to the world.


......... jprovo is rumored to have said:
] What would one do if they tripped across Net 10 [or other private nets]
] used & routed by an organization on the Greater Net? This isn't a case
] of waltzing through someone's firewall, either...
] Joe Provo
] Network Operations Center
] UltraNet Communications, Inc.