What might have been a lightning talk on anycast had I gotten to a meeting

Economies and underemployment being what they are, I won't be getting to
the in-person meeting, but it occurred to me that a brief tutorial on some
of the operational applications of anycast might be a lightning tutorial.
I wrote such a short article at http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Anycasting.

Citizendium, as some of you may know, is a open-content wiki that operates
on a real-names model with hopefully helpful expert review. I'm starting
to take some of my past NANOG presentations and turn them into articles or
sets of related articles, obviously updating them. Since NANOG doesn't
have a publication mechanism for its presentations, or even summaries of
long mailing list threads written for someone who had not been following
them, it might be useful as a means of education. I'd welcome anyone who
would like to participate; it's still an early project.

Given, for example, the various trade press pieces on BGP security and
vulnerability expert, I may try, unless someone already has a tutorial
they might like to be adapted, they'd like to write, or co-write, to do
something at a little more detailed level than Network World, but lighter
than an RFC. I have assorted BGP articles there, still at an introductory
level, and was starting something on routing policy.