What is NANOG used for? (Was Re: Exodus?)

Considering that his problems were isolated to Exodus clients, yes, it's
off-topic. Small network outages happen every day, and I don't think
we need to hear about them all. IMHO, what DOES belong on this list are
discussions of network design, router configuration, LARGE SCALE outages,
emerging Internet technologies, and general knowledge-sharing of how to
build better networks. It's not a mailing list for end users to say "I
can't reach www.something.com, but before I report it to my ISP or to the
far-end ISP I wanted to see if anyone else sees my problem." If that is
what the list continues to turn into, I for one will be unsubscribing, because
that is useless to me.


I agree that "every little outage" isn't the purview of this list. It just
seems like we have more messages on this list lately discussing what
should/should-not be talked about than we do about "real" topics.

This particular case may be more obviously "off-topic", but the reality is
that it just seems (seems mind you) like a disproportionate amount of our
traffic is complaining about other traffic.