What is a reasonable range for global BGP table size?

How big is the global BGP table running these days?
  100K? 110K? Bigger?


A 'show ip bgp sum' at route-views.oregon-ix.net shows most
providers have between 110k and 113k...

without filtering?

  about 135k prefies last i checked.

Hi, Rob.

] How big is the global BGP table running these days?

I'm seeing an average of around 115K prefixes. The delta isn't very
high. You can see some data here:



  How big is the global BGP table running these days?
  100K? 110K? Bigger?


It has been growing slowly :

From here :


113,226 routes


      AS1221 Telstra 132191
      AS4637 Reach 112334
      AS286 KPNQwest 111398
      AS6447 Route-Views.Oregon-ix.net 119900

Marshall Eubanks

It has been growing slowly :

[ courtesy: 54th IETF ptomaine minutes ]

  Just see *slide 4* and *slide 5* to see the trend in
the growth. It grows but slower when compared to
trends before december 2000.


We don't filter, and

112942 network entries and 391859 paths using 25288182 bytes of memory

it appears to depend upon which hemisphere you get transit in :slight_smile:


We don't filter either and...

117800 network entries and 339843 paths using 23660948 bytes of memory

"about 135k prefixes last i checked." is not what we see here from any of our upstreams.


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I was going off my data analysis of
route-views data.

wc -l oix.home_as.out
  135949 oix.home_as.out

  this file has prefix:home_asn

  (where home_asn is the last asn in the as_path. prefixes
with inconsistent home_as will appear twice. this may be cause of some
of your confusion. eliminating those brings it to 120131 prefixes)

  - jared