What happened to Schprokits?

Schprokits was mentioned at NANOG63 but http://www.schprokits.com/ doesn't look too good.

What happened?

That's news to me, and quite a bummer. Trying to confirm on twitter now -
but it looks like other folks have also asked about it in the past week,
but haven't gotten an answer. So I'm assuming it is dead.

Guess it's Ansible + homegrown solutions for now.

it looks like (according to linkedin) that Jeremy has moved to a stealth startup.


Adrian Beaudin
Principal Architect, Special Projects
Nominum, Inc.
o: +1.650.587.1513

There are other stealth companies the space. I still see activity on
Twitter (favorites, etc) so I he is still active. We will see good things
in the space.

I have great hopes for Schprokits. The idea behind it is outstanding - an
Ansible for networking. It must be tough though, integrating all major
vendor APIs seamlessly into a product. I have faith in Jeremy and his
team...hopefully they are close to shipping code =)

*Pablo Lucena*

Checkout trigger for what seems to be the most viable system:


This is great, had not heard of Trigger. Finding that it has native support
for asynchronous processing makes it even better =).

Thanks for sharing Charles.