What happened on December 11(12)

Because several different people have contacted me about this,
I wanted to re-check my facts. Last tuesday/wednesday had a
few blips affecting connectivity around the net.

    - Telstra (Australia) had a backbone network routing meltdown
        disrupting traffic to/from/within Australia for several
        hours. Timezone, so this happened wednesday in Australia?
    - AT&T had a fiber cut in Montana
    - Sprint terminated peering with Conixion (home of Microsoft Windows
        Update). Conixion restored traffic via other routes later in the

Before people forward my e-mail again, did I make any gross errors
which I should correct?

I didn't notice any outage here in Australia.

That means it was most likely only Telstra's international
link(s) and not their standard domestic meltdown (which is when
they accidentally inject 20k-100k routes into AS1221 - it's happened
2 or 3 times over the past 2 and a bit years, when Telstra have an
international link cut or other outage they have accidentally
bloated AS1221 by 100k routes taking out Optus and others who
would have been otherwise unaffected).