What do you think about the Juniper MX line?


I've been doing some research into using the MX line of Juniper
routers and was interested in hearing people's experiences (the good,
bad, and ugly). What do you like about them? What do you dislike?
Where are you putting them in your network? Where are you not putting
them? Why? What other platforms would you consider and why? I hope to
hear some candid responses, but feel free to respond privately if you
need to.


I would love to know the same I am looking at the MX line as well for a
new network build-out


We have a couple installed as our edge routers.

Pluses - solid as a rock, easy to administer, and will take some extremely high packet rates for relatively low cost (important for us since we use them for VoIP traffic). If you're approaching the capacity of a 1GB uplink, I highly recommend these as your first step to 10 GB.

Minuses - careful on your MX80 version. The MX80-48T includes a built in 48 port 1 GigE switch, but we've had compatibility issues with it and other vendors switches. The modular version that replaces the MX80-48T costs quite a bit more, but it does give you a lot more connection and compatibility options.

Howard Hart

We've deployed the MX480s as PEs in multiple countries, and have been pretty damn happy with them for the most part.
Any issues we've seen (largely around interface counters/statistics etc) can be chalked up to an older JunOS version that we're running.

The CLI is shiny, and easy to use, and next to stablity, this is the biggest factor when ranking a platform for me.


I think they have the potential to be great products. Unfortunately, services JunOS
is a serious handicap if you want to use it as a Juniper Router and not a JunOS
speaking netscreen.


Sorry... I misspoke. My comments related to the SRX series and not the MX.

The MX is a fine product in my experience.


Heh, I spent about 3mo evaluating/testing SRX's and I agree they had
potential but left /a lot/ to be desired.


The SRX line is nice for some uses, particularly with recent software updates that have fixed things like using IPv6 on vlan interfaces.

The SRX is not going to be the choice for an edge router that needs to do BGP and/or 1 Gb/s+ of traffic.

The SRX pretty much does everything in software, where the MX routes packets in ASICs.

SRX is great for a firewall box, or to be the edge for a small network.

I do wish there was an even lower-end MX than the new MX5 (all hardware routing, but ~$10k), as I would have many uses for such a thing in networks that only have a few uplinks of ~1 Gb/s. I don't need 20 Gb of throughput for that. But, if the budget allows for an MX5 (~$30k MSRP) or bigger, the MX line is very nice.


I just wanted to say thank you to all that posted feedback to this
thread. Your insight has been incredibly helpful and has most
certainly clarified many of the questions I had lingering.

Thanks again!!