Westnet and Utah outage


It looks in this
case however like people want me to yell on the sprint outage list rather
than here so I'll check out the possibility of doing that. Do you guys
have an outtage list I can join? My apologies if I have offended anyone.

Gordon, you're taking my comments a bit differently than intended. More
of a "outage was notified and then commented when closed" than a "go
yell there". The current outage list at sprint is light-years better
than the old sl-<mumble> lists where no traffic lived. My point was
that if you want to know the specifics for a suppliers outages, go get
on their list[s]. When in doubt, go off an VRFY some standard
list-managers at the mail-hosts you see people's mail coming from.

IMO, nanog is like a mega-NAP for the humans involved... a meetpoint, not
a notification list.


the main processor." Give me a working network, better tools, or SHUT
THE HELL UP AND GO BACK TO FARMING. I will be glad to shut up myself,
once you get your act together and provide smooth and transparent
network services.

Obviously I am able to send much more polite notes, but I am really
getting sick and tired of this lousy performance and degrading network
service qualities.

I think this may be the first case *for* decaf.

[hwb, if you want to flame, then please direct to <flamage@rsuc.gen.ma.us>.
I'll deal with it when there's time. Or delete it. none of us need it

Seriously, though, while we _are_ seeing the impact of the End of NSFnet
and the insane increase in day-to-day, joe-average network usage, it was
obviously impending and affects everyone, anywhere and ranting will do
no-one no good.

*At least* let people know if things are broken, so they look for
alternatives (be it a cup of tea if short term, or another service
provider if persistent).

Again, all providers have [at least private] outages-lists. Some of
them only have them as part of their normal local annoucements, but
that's due to change RSN according to my crystal ball... we all affect
each other so much that we all will benefit, at least in exchanging
outage data with near neighbors.

Perhaps "known outage lists" would be a good appendix to the
FAQ-in-progress? I like the idea of a meta-list, but it would have to
be out-bound only [to be useful] and then you're starting to establish
"who is important enough to be allowed" or "who/what method for
moderation" etc etc... No-one's got time for that.

What gets me is when you said earlier:

I suspect at least 80% of the problem is non-technical, but
abministrative and mindset.

On what do you base this suspicion?

Everone working on these things has to work on facts and tangibles.
"It's broke! Fix it!" is less useful than looking down the fiber jumper
to see what's clogging the data.

Anyway, here's to second mo's comment; may your pagers not go off while
carving the [turkey|tofu].


Joe Provo
Network Operations Center
UltraNet Communications, Inc.