Well done Sprint!

'Vadim Antonov writes...'
**> There's no use in promoting corporate paranoia at the expense of
**> engineering cooperation. It is like butcheing the hen which lays
**> the golden eggs. Knowing link capacity was useful (while it lasted)
**> to get the idea of what is more likely to be dropping packets
**> on the floor when customers complained.

well, one could get Van Jacobson's pathchar, and learn the
true capacity that way. I could care less what *theoretical
bandwidth* is available, when customers complain. I want to
know what bandwidth *is available*, and pathchar goes a very
long way towards that end.

link labelling could be arguably silly, if you're basing your
determination on a competetitor's labels, you could
get some unusual surprises IMHO...

Pathchar unfortunately is very unreliable at > DS3 links.


Has anyone tried pathchar over an asymmetric link?