Welcome to the "Marketing" mailing list


Can someone explain this one to me?

1. Why was such a list created?
2. Why was I automatically subscribed to it?
3. Why was this done without notice to the community?



Before this erupts in yet another thread, this was already asked (and answered) on Futures. Betty had an oops moment this morning, and has since repaired it. Followups to Futures.

So Sorry Owen, as explained earlier, my mistake in list management! All
resolved and those members added to the wrong list have been removed.

Again sorry for the email noise.


This has a lot of us wondering the same as Owen.
  This is also not typical of how NANOG does things. Hopefully as the day
progresses we will get some insight.
  Richard Golodner

It's OK.. Everybody's entitled to at least one low-caffeine low-impact faux pax a year. :wink:


This was truly just a honest mistake on my part. You are all right, should
not have happened and I apologize.

Marketing@nanog.org is a list used in connection with Sponsorship
inquiries/activity. refer to http://www.nanog.org/sponsors/
Membership of marketing@nanog.or is the Development Committee and NANOG

As I indicated, I was planning to update the members@nanog,org list, and
just happened to be in the wrong interface.

All best.

To echo what Betty said and address an unspoken concern:

"marketing@nanog.org" is the mailing list (and external interface?)
for the folks who make sure that there are good cookies and other
break goodies, beer-n-gear sponsors, meeting hosts, etc. It is most
assuredly not a spamming list, which I suppose is probably what went
through folks' minds when they got that email. I know that's what I
would be wondering if I randomly got that kind of mail with no
background info. If you've ever been unfortunate enough to manage
Mailman, you're probably as astonished as I am that this sort of pilot
error doesn't happen more often. :slight_smile:

Now that that's out of the way, if you think you might have something
to contribute to the community (marketing or otherwise) they're always
looking for volunteers... so maybe you *want* to be on that mailing
list - the community will be grateful.

-R (former Board, fomrer MLC)

"Betty Burke <betty@nanog.org>" <betty@newnog.org> writes:

My, but there are a lot of people, in my best friend's favorite phrase,
"spring loaded to the pissed-off position". I didn't think NANOGers were
quite so prone to recreational indignation...

-- jra

Someone once wrote,approximately, "Assume the best possible intentions."

Thus, bafflement .ne. "spring loaded to the pissed-off position".


James R. Cutler

If only there was some sort of movement where they could show up and, by
their presence let us know of their impotent rage. Perhaps if they all
sat in a park near the hosting facility that holds NANOG.org, occupying
it in some way, things might get better here.


NANOG where no day is complete without a bit of righteous indignation.


No worries, Betty. The only ones amongst us who don't make mistakes are the ones who don't do anything.