Welcome to nanog

Not sure of all the conventions in this group, but I thought perhaps I
would not be hissed too loudly if I were to announce my presence on this

I run the DataXchange network, which for those of you who do not know, is
a wanna-be NSP providing leased line Internet connections to customers in
42 states. Most of our customers are local dialup providers and they tend
to be located in rural rather than urban areas. Our prices for
connectivity tend to be a bit higher than most of our competitors. Our
backbone is ATM running over T3 with connectivity at Mae-East, Mae-West,
CIX, Chicago (soon), and transit peering thru Sprint for those
networks we can't otherwise reach. We have an open peering policy, which
unfortunately appears to becoming passe' these days....:frowning:

I look forward to joining in the discussions here, when I have something
worthwhile to share. Please return now to your regularly scheduled flaming.

Best Regards,
Robert Laughlin