Welcome to nanog

Owen kindly explains:

The command below is the result of someone sending a similar subscribe
command which subscribed the nanog list to itself, causing the welcome
message to be sent to the entire list. Majordomo apparently accepts
lists of people to subscribe or treats everything after the mailing
list name as part of the name subscribing. Either way, the effect is
the same.

> unsubscribe nanog capprove gators subscribe nanog russ@ism.net

Thanks you. Your first sentence is really cool, BTW.

What we might need is a really robust, easy to configure, solid, fast,
simple to administer new (maybe commercial) e-mailing list manager.
(nothing against B.C.'s perl hack majordomo, and the other listserver
written in C.)

My guess is, whomever comes up the the next-generation list manager
utility will save us all a bunch of hassles and make every ISP's job
just a 'little bit' easier.

BTW, that is one of the more amusing errors I see in a long time:

unsubscribe nanog capprove gatores subscribe nanog russ@ism.net ....

Makes me want to sponsor the "Majordomo Error of the Year Contest";
who knows what humorous babble we might provoke the major' to say.

Sorry for the divergence from the 'norm'.