weird BGP cisco-ism? [problem resolved]

> Try it w/o the summary-only stuff.

Didn't help at all.

> I don't use summary-only, or aggregate-address, or network XXX at
> all. I redis my connected & static routes into bgp and arrange
> for my global routes to make it beyond my AS. I also use pull up
> static routes to null0 for all of my blocks.

I redistribute in a similar way, and have the statics to null0 as well.

Still insisted on flapping at least twice every time it got the brief
hit on the /24 subnet coming from the outside world.

At this point what needs to happen is for this to be recreated in
a lab somewhere and some config changes tried... I can't blow away
my customers one more time just to play with it.

Some day we'll have routers that can tell you what they're doing, right?

Because you're redistributing the route into BGP, when the "true" route
becomes unavailable and the "nailed up" route kicks in, the route will flap.
As Ravi mentioned:

To avoid readvertising the same prefix, you might want to check if
there is any other dynamic protocol that is installing that prefix in
the routing table and removing it (could be a OSPF subnet...)