Weekly Routing Table Report

If you can't accept the following principle of the End to End

  The function in question can completely and correctly be
  implemented only with the knowledge and help of the
  application standing at the end points of the
  communication system.

Scott Weeks wrote:

I have been reading your posts on IETF and here regarding the
above and I'm curious as to your thoughts on John Day's RINA.

As you give no reference, let's rely on wikipedia


and restrict scope only for multihoming.

Then, it is true that:

> 1972. Multi-homing not supported by the ARPANET.

which means current specifications do not support multihoming very well.

but, the statement

> The solution was obvious: as in operating systems, a logical address
> space naming the nodes (hosts and routers) was required on top of the
> physical interface address space.

is wrong, because it is enough to let transport layer identify
connections based on a set of physical interface addresses of
all the interfaces, which is what draft-ohta-e2e-multihoming-*

That is, he misunderstand restrictions by the current specification
something inevitably required by layering.

> It tosses all this on its head.

If you have some text of RINA denying the E2E argument, quote it
with URLs please.

            Masataka Ohta