Weekly Routing Table Report

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Routing Table as seen from APNIC's router in Japan.
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Routing Table Report 04:00 +10GMT Sat 01 Aug, 2009

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Detailed Analysis: http://thyme.apnic.net/current/

Analysis Summary

Apologies if this is too naive to ask but is there some detail available
about the items listed in the summary?

1) In particular, what exactly is the difference between the "BGP routing
table entries examined (292961)" and "Unique aggregates announced to
Internet (145391)"?

2) I believe 292961 is the worst case routing table size for any router. If
the unique aggregates announced to the Internet is 145391, how does the
routing table size anywhere may exceeds this number? Is the word "Internet"
the key here?

3) Is aggregation done at a particular router for (i) reducing the table
size in that router, or (ii) reducing the number of announced prefixes by
that router, or (iii) both?


A response I received from Mark Tinka on afnog mailing list. Reposting for
the nanog community: