webpage doesn't worok from specific address

Hi everyone,

I've got very unique (at least I think) problem.

I have a webpage hosted on fatcow.com -> www.langports.fatcow.com

The problem is that I can't access it from my computer!

I'm working in an English language college and we have 2 separated networks
- one for staff and the other one for students. I'm able to connect to the
webpage from student's network but not from the staff's.

I contacted fatcow support, they checked it from their end everything seems
all right so they told me to contact my ISP. I contacted Telstra which is
managing our both connections; they checked it from their end and say there
is nothing wrong, they don't block anything and I should again contact

I got as well different results from tracert - 2 more hops while going
through student's network (the one that works).

Do you have any idea what could be wrong? I'm using Fortigate A100 as router
and there has been no change last few months.

Could you please advise me what program should I use to find out exactly
where the problem occurs and what is the cause?

Firefow return this message: Connection Interrupted. The document contains
no data. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection.
Please try again.



Hi Dave,

Yes I did check it by IP address. Internal DNS - no changes at all. All
other webpages work without any problem so I'm sure it can't be DNS. I tried
ping on langports.fatcow.com from the Fortigate and there is no response

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