Web Based tool for tracking circuits

I know there's always people searching out web based utils for tracking
IP allocations and such, but surprisingly I don't recall there ever
being discussion on tracking circuits. I'm looking for such a tool and
am curious if anyone knows of one?

I'm looking to track: circuit type, circuit id, trouble reporting
number, serving telco. Possibly more, such as connected-router
information, etc.

Thanks in advance, if there's sufficient demand I'll summarize back to
the list.

If there is, let me know. I started to work on one a couple of years ago,
I could dust off the project.

It had circuit ID's descriptions, types, vendors, physical location
descriptions, etc.


Sorry about the self-reply, but I figured I'd keep the Followup threads
going on this one.

Out of almost a dozen responses received, it seems that everyone is
currently looking for such a solution. Everyone currently seems to be
using their own Excel spreadsheet (which, obviously, isn't that ideal in
a shared environment).

One person is using IRM[1], slightly modified to track circuits and IP
allocations instead of just tracking computers.

Another person (Curtis Maurand <curtis@maurand.com>) sent mail to NANOG
indicating at one point he was working on such a beast. Curtis, I'm
gonna pass the buck to you -- it looks like it's time to dust off your
project cause nothing else exists. If you're wanting to do so, contact
me off-list and I'll see what help I can lend (though IANA web

[1]: http://www.atrustrivalie.org/irm/

Several commercial ip allocation systems exist (cost thousands, I came
across couple of them but did not keep list). The closest opensource on
this is freeipdb (http://www.freeipdb.org), but its not very feature-rich.
The IRM project (which I've never heard about until I just demod it right
now), comes much closer to what maybe needed and it does seem like it can
be converted to serve ISP allocation needs somewhat easily and is quite
extensible for shared enviroments, but in any case, such project needs to
be done right, i.e.:
1. Creating mail list and first discussing and list of goals and features
    we want in this system.
2. Looking at existing project to see which can feets best or parts of which
    of which projects can possible be combined together
2. Creating sourceforge (or other) project and assiging features to be
    implemented to developers.

If others are interested lets get together to work on it. I'm willing to
help in possible support for rwhois server or automated swips to arin and
some other back-end support where I have some experience I'm guessing
that at least half a dozen people need to get involved and be willing to
spend some of their time (perhaps 10 hours/month) for this to come through
and most need to be php web developers if IRM is to be used as origin.

If I receive favorable response privately about it and enough people are
willing to spend their time on it, I'll let you know about what the project
development webpage would be (i.e. sourceforge most likely)

We're starting project to create opensource software help ISPs to provision
network services and track information related to that afterwards. This would
include allocation of ip addresses and database of such allocations, database
of circuits and network devices, administration and colloboration on actual
provisioning process for new connections (both for physical circuits and
logical connections such as for colo customer), etc.
  The project homepage is at sourceforce:
  If you're interested in helping, please join the mail list:
  Or send email to ipal-discuss-subscribe@lists.sourceforge.net
  with usual "subscribe" in subject and body

Currently there are people being added there from two separate mail lists
and once everyone is in, later today we'll start talking about general
goals of the project, so if there are more people at nanog, interested,
please signup.

You might want to change the name. IPal is a commercial product available
from Internet Associates LLC. (www.internetassociatesllc.com).

- Dennis

Wow, I had no idea somebody already used this name for same product...
Hold on everybody from signup up then, we'll talk about the name first
among the group. I'll repost when new name is ready.