wcg.com dead?

Are they dead now?

I have been trying to contact them for over two months regarding attacks
from one of their customers. They dont return any email or phonecalls.

AS7911 is asleep at the wheel now, or on autopilot?


Try wcg.net, I noticed that mail to various things (like noc@wcg.com)
bounces with MS Exchange errors.

Good luck looking for the cluey goodness in the middle. If I may take a
moment to vent, I think one could best describe them as a collection of
remarkably incompetent people who should never be allowed to run an IP
network. I mean come on, their idea of customer filtering is a
prefix-limit. :slight_smile:

At least they finally managed to password protect the Cricket site with
traffic graphs for all their peer/backbone/customer circuits which someone
I know found by AXFR'ing wcg.net. Maybe Level 3 will fix them, or at least
shut them down. Either way, an improvement for the internet. :slight_smile: