[Way OT] Re: Geo location to IP mapping

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Subject: Re: [Way OT] Re: Geo location to IP mapping
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> From: Jeff Rosowski <rosowskij@ie.ymp.gov>
>>> I just tried that, says I'm 100 miles south of where I
>>> really am. That's quite a long way out in a small
>> country like England.
>> Only 100 miles? I entered the address of a box I have in
>> Virginia, and it says it's in California. Well at least
>> it got the country right.
> One of the geolocation thingies said my addresses were in
> Amsterdam. That's only 10,000 miles from Hawaii. 2500
> miles more and that's exactly the opposite side of the
> planet... :wink:

Sometimes knowing which planet you are dealing with can be useful...

I find that the state is invariably correct.

Although the seems to be a lot of 'uncertainty' about how to spell